Labs: Education for Transformation


All Souls Labs offer educational gatherings for the sake of personal change with meaningful impact in our world. Check back for information on upcoming Labs.


Past Labs

Spring 2018

Loving our Neighbors Prioritizing the Poor with Rev. Paul Trudeau

Christ calls us to serve the poor with love and compassion and yet, the complexities of serving can be overwhelming. How do we know we are really helping our neighbors? How do we avoid becoming well-meaning enablers? How are you personally called to serve the poor?

Fall 2017

The Enneagram with Rev. Martie McMane

Explore the ancient wisdom of the enneagram with Rev. Martie McMane. The enneagram offers deep self-understanding, insights for growth and illumination of the deep wounds that often drive our behavior.

Beyond a simple personality typing system the enneagram is an invitation on the journey of finding ourselves and being found by God who, “desires truth in the inward being, teaching me wisdom in the secret heart” (Ps.51:6) Please join us as we journey together!

Spring 2017

Loving our LGBTQ Neighbors: A 4-Part Conversation:

A series of conversations designed around asking how we can best love our LGBTQ neighbors. These discussions, a natural outgrowth of All Souls’ intentional engagement with our city, will consider our individual stories, stories of the LGBTQ community, and God’s story.

Fall 2016

Learning to See

A conversation exploring cultural intelligence, system dynamics and moving towards a more whole and just life.

Why have organizations like Black Lives Matter been controversial to some and welcomed by others? How is it that people see “the facts” so differently? Are there things outside of our awareness that shape our understanding of the world? Join us for a conversation exploring the underlying lenses through which we see and interpret the “other”, our world, and the Bible.