Inviting all to the beautiful journey in Christ, with community, for our city. 


Sunday Worship – 9:30AM @ 345 Mapleton


Who We Are

We're a church that celebrates complexity.  If you have questions, that's great! We will not have all the answers, but we'll stand beside you and seek them together.  What we do have is hope in the God who made us, who names us as Beloved, and who transforms us on the road we walk.  We stand firm in the path of faith, and we're excited to join with you wherever you might be on that journey.


All people, young and old, rich and poor, black, brown and white, gay and straight, cisgender and transgender, those with faith and doubt, joy and tears, single, married, divorced, the blessed and the broken, sinners and saints alike are all invited into our life together.


We are the church: we believe in making worship happen together. Which is why you’ll find Adventure Bob downstairs carefully Chemexing coffee, why our music includes middle schoolers and music professors and fiddlers, why the rhythms of our service are led by regular folks coming forward from their seats to share and invite us into this continual relationship with God. Each week, we celebrate the same patterns of worship, or liturgy: confession, prayers, communion. We know that this rhythm reminds us that all are God’s Beloved, just where we are, without pretension or expectation, and that God calls us forward into transformation.

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All Souls is an inclusive and affirming church regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.