Community Life


We’re all on a journey and we think it’s best to go together. Community Life groups are all about gathering folks from all stages of life to share life, support one another and explore together what it means to live in Christ and for our city. There are a variety of groups meeting regularly around Boulder County.


Community Groups

Community Life Groups range from groups gathering weekly to share life and have meaningful conversations to seasonal, themed groups, to periodic casual lunch gatherings. Folks are meeting in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville and Lafayette throughout the week.


Bible Studies

Themed Groups

Tuesday Conversations

Tuesday Conversation Where every sermon starts! This is an open invite group that discusses the passage that will be used for the next Sermon.
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Please come prepared with an open mind and heart, curiosity, a willingness to be uncomfortable, an interest in being challenged and most of all imagination to create the world we want to live in and the individuals we were created to be. We believe that the diversity of thought and experience enriches the group. All are Welcome! Questions? Email Marissa Saints.



The Podcast Group is more than just a group, it’s a gathering. We want to create an open space where people can bring humanity, heart, and voice to the things impacting the world today and find practical ways to apply those lessons within our faith individually and collectively. Want to know more? Email Emily Bochenek.